Friday, January 7, 2011

A look at the subconsious

For Christmas this year I got a book called A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson from my sister. Usually giving someone a book like this would be grounds for a beat down, but my sister and I are very open and honest about our weight and she knows I struggle with this subject. (Heeellllloooo, hence the blog.) Plus she wants to read it after me. Each chapter of the book is a different lesson and has a different visualization exercise at the end. So far it’s been a great read. It’s been more about the spiritual side of losing weight and letting go of your fear and worries at God’s feet. The entire concept of the book is that if you are an overeater, which I am, then there is something going on subconsciously in your mind and you are not giving it to God. Ever hear the term eating your emotions? That’s what this focuses on. It gives you the tools to recognize that you are upset and should be praying instead of eating.

The best chapter I’ve read so far is the one on the thin you and the not so thin you. The author makes you picture the thin you actually meeting the not so thin you. I like to call these two people in me, Whippen Dixie (the thin me) and Rolie Colie (not so thin me). At the end of the chapter you have to write a letter from each perspective to the other. In doing this exercise I realized that I am almost afraid of the person I might become when I’m thin. The last time I was really in shape I was immature, flighty, and irresponsible. I’ve worked a long time to grow spiritually and emotionally and on a subconscious level I think that I will turn back into the other person if I lose all the weight. Self preservation is what they call it in the book. Now I’m trying to get to like the thin me so that I wont be afraid to become her.

Whoa, that was deep… I’ll keep you posted on more of my revelations as they come.

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