Thursday, November 18, 2010

So proud of my Hubby!!!

****Posted by Nicole

Last night Kyle and I got to go to a launch party for a new local golf magazine called Avid. Through some contacts, and his Sippin blog (, Kyle got tapped to write a couple of articles for their release!

The party was in full swing when we got there and had a lot of very fancy people, that I did not know, hobnobbing and schmoozing. I met the one person Kyle knew in the room, ate some shrimp, had a couple drinks, snagged some magazines, and then left to have our own launch party a couple doors down at the Fatted Calf. I gotta say, the food there was much better! We had surprisingly tasty humongo burgers that were not very Ninja friendly. I did make a conscious decision to switch coke for water and also to share an order of fries and mushrooms. We finished the night at our favorite place, 33 wine bar, and called it a successful launch/celebration night.

I am super excited and proud of Kyle for always looking for new ventures and never being afraid to put his name out there. Love you sweetheart and bravo!

Kyle with one of his articles!

Me with my burger!

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