Saturday, November 20, 2010

It’s ALIVE!!!!

****Posted by Nicole

One night in June or July Kyle was roasting a chicken while watching TV. All of the sudden our oven started beeping crazily and flashing F1. Ever since that frightful night the stove top worked but the oven did not. We would be sitting in the living room all nice and quiet and out of nowhere it would start beeping and yelling at us again. It’s been difficult to live without an oven mainly because a lot of low fat recipes require baking, but we have managed. Well Thanksgiving is upon us and we have a turkey to cook. So in order to participate in one of the most glutinous holidays in America, we bought an oven to cook our turkey in.

I am so excited to use our new toy because it’s gas not electric! A wonderful, trustworthy, neighbor and friend helped us set up our kitchen to have the option to use gas. (side note: While he was doing this he also found a gas leak in our basement. Yikes!)

Big thanks to my parents for funding the purchase! They had given us trips to Mexico for Christmas, but Kyle wasn’t able to go. So they let us keep the cash and spend it on whatever we needed. Also another huge shout out to our neighbor Will that spent many hours in our basement and kitchen. It would have cost us at least a thousand dollars to do this with a professional so we are so grateful for his help. It’s so much fun to see how God blesses and provides for us with the people in our lives!

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