Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Meet and Greet

****Posted by Nicole

Monday night was the first of three meet and greets that the roller derby league set up for the girls that want to try out. It was held at the Rock and Rollarena in Arnold and I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if we would be doing drills, just skating, or learning new tricks. My stomach was in knots not only because I was nervous but also because I thought there might be a squirrel making a nest in the middle of my guest bed upstairs. (Another story for another day)

So I walked in the rink and thankfully found some other girls that were just as lost and freaked out as me. As I strapped on my knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards I noticed that little kids started pouring in and this was just a regular skating rink. I honestly thought they were extinct! They did all the normal activities that we used to do as kids; the hokey pokey, limbo, and couples skate! I was in heaven! I had stepped into some kind of time warp. Back when things were simple and all I had to worry about was not hurting myself and if they were going to play my favorite jams Walk Like An Egyptian and Who Made Heaven a Place on Earth.

Overall I had a great time. I didn’t fall once! (Wobbled a lot, but no wipeouts.) I met a ton of really nice girls and am still really excited to do this Derby thang!

The rink!

The only thing that bothered me when I got home were my shins. Ooof! So I listened to Kyle and put ice on them. The next morning I felt great!!!


  1. O.K. I am obviously behind on here so I had to go back and read a few posts to wrap my mind around this roller derby thing. HOLY CRAP! You really crack me up! You know the only experience I have of you and skating, and that involved you and falling! Sounds like fun, though, and can be that bad ass!

    On another note. You do remember one of Jordan's first jobs was as a roller rink DJ. So hot. And lets not forget...Black Velvet! I love the roller rink! Wish I was there skating (falling) with you!

  2. Ha! I remember that! I was trying out roller blades for the first time and couldn't figure out how to stop. :) I ended up shooting through the grass of the front yard and landing in the grass. I wish u were here too, we would be awesome on a team together!!! :-D miss u!