Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drum roll please!!!

****Posted by Nicole

Attention all! I now have award winning tomatoes!!

This past weekend Slow Food sponsored an event at Sappington Market celebrating the tomato. They had different booths with local food you could try, a band, fun things for kids, and contests for the best cocktail and tomato. There were four categories in the tomato contest; heaviest, tastiest, prettiest, and ugliest. Yes, this proud parent put her best tomato in and won for …… wait for it……. are you excited…….. The Ugliest Tomato! Taaadaaaa!

In all honesty that’s pretty much what I was going for. I couldn’t find one ripe enough to bring for the tastiest, so I figured I would find one that would stand out the most. I walked out into the heat of the back yard that morning and fought hard against the bugs to find the perfect entry. I called it the two headed monster. It was two tomatoes connected by the head and truly grotesque. In my excitement after the win I completely forgot to grab my lovely and take a picture for the blog so alas I have nothing to show you. There were prizes for all and my lucky butt won a free 50 min massage! Yay for gardens and yay for Slow Food!!!

If you are wondering what Slow Food is all about please check out their website. They are a great organization that is doing amazing things within our community. Thanks for reading!

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