Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love for Derby…. I'm 30!!!

At the beginning of our relationship, Kyle made it very clear that he is NOT a fan of Valentines Day. The poor guy got dumped twice by different girls on this sappy sweet day and has never forgiven it. I figured since my birthday is three days before and if Kyle showers me with love and affection during that time, I could agree to not do the V day. So tonight instead of going to a restaurant and getting tons of candy and flowers from my hubby, I will be going to my first ever practice with the ladies of the derby.

Speaking of my birthday….. I had an absolute blast for my 30th! I took the day off on my actual b-day, Friday the 11th, to sleep in, get a hair cut, and go to dinner with my sister and Kyle. The next day we slept in again, had a huge breakfast cooked by Kyle, and then off to a bout. I helped set up and get ready for the sold out event, but had asked if I could watch the bout with my friends. They agreed and I am so thankful they did! It was the M-80s vs. The Rebel Skate Alliance and because it was the playoffs everything was kicked up a notch! It seemed a lot more violent and exciting! I was so glad that my friends got to see a bout that was awesome till the end. After the Rebel Skate Alliance won we hightailed it out of there to commence the birthday celebration at my friend Cat’s house. I was totally blown away by all the preparations. There was a litany of homemade salsas, guacamole, chips, pulled pork sandwiches, Cat’s awesome homemade pickles, and the cherry on top, a nacho cheese fountain. Oh my!

Thank you to all my friends that went to the bout with me and for also celebrating at Cat’s house. A special thank you to my friend Cat that threw me the best party ever and also to my husband that made my celebrations go from one day to two! Love yall!

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