Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I’m an Arch Rival Roller Girl!!!!

I was so nervous last night that I showed up at the rink an hour before we had to be there. I found myself literally walking in circles at home… have to get my stuff together, no clean the kitchen, no get my skates, no change clothes, no wait… where am I going? So I left an hour and 15 minutes before I actually had to be on the rink. Once I walked through the door my anxiety level dropped from “I’m going to lose my mind”, to “I’m so crazy nervous”.

We warmed up and had a powwow with Romo where she told us what was going to be expected of us. I fell with grace, plow stopped with awkwardness, and skated as fast as I could. The one thing they really wanted to see was our passion, so that’s what I gave them. I pushed myself hard and made sure I was sweating! One saving grace was that we were running over time so they had to skip the hopping drill. Thank you Lord! That was the one thing I was really freaked out about because my tailbone is still pretty tender. If I had fallen on it again I might have thrown up. But, we didn’t have to do it so I was in the clear!

I want to thank my sweet husband for all of his support and being so excited for me when I saw my name on the list. When I told him I made it he ran around the house yelling that I was a roller girl and popped some sparkling wine for me. It’s a moment in our marriage that will forever stay with me. Thank you also for the support from our friends and family that let me know they were behind me. It means so much to me to feel that love so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Me after tryouts flashing my tryout number!


  1. YAY!! 'Atta girl! Welcome to the league!


  2. What an awesome post! Welcome :-)


  3. awww yeah! I knew you'd make it! You rock! Welcome to the family... you're gonna love it!!

  4. I have to say that I am totally amazed at your delight in what, to me, a timid English septuagenarian, who's younger attempts at getting about on Rollers meant using the barrier to get around and then stop- is a sport where only the most brutal win; almost gladiatorial inn the smashing and tripping and elbowing. Just the names of some of your visitors frighten the heck out of me: Stabby McCutch, Ironstef and Em-Shazzom do not inspire thoughts of Qulting or Water colours. Still, what do I know?

    I think you deserve kudos for following your passion...I do hope you don't get too hurt. Ouch!